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case of west nile virus, this wasn't deadly but causing concern, we will tell you what is being done. if you are making your kids lunch , there is a recall we knead need to tell you about, it's on peanut butter. most of us don't get too excited, what is up with prices on gas. thank you for joining us. hope you had a great weekend, loren cook, looking at the roads this morning. and lynette charles will let you know how your week is shaping up. >> it's good to be back. mom and baby doing great. olivia born september 13th, had to get even on the right schedule. she sent me a text, she had her 2:00 a.m. feeding. >> it's been amazing, she is so
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small. 6 pounds, 1 ounce. gaining the baby weight back. >> were you scared to hold her? >> no. i helped when my niece was born, involved with that, 15 years ago. doing this was second nature. it's weird when you realize, that really is mine. >> there are great pictures on facebook. >> thanks to even who responded throughout the cows course of last week. >> i tried to give you good weather to bring the bundle of joy home. take the jackets out today, 40s and 50s this morning, we have a few clouds and this morning, those will get out of here as we head in to the afternoon. this is this bel air this morning, if these clouds weren't out there, this
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temperature oh would be colder this morning. we might deal with a frost advisory in western maryland. dew point dry, looking at 43 for a dew point. dew point of 45 davidsonville. clarksville, temperature around 47 degrees, dew point of 45 degrees. last stop this morning is kept island, 57, where it's warmer getting the water influence. temperatures not as cold. 46 degrees for a dew point. we are going to be in the thick of things in terms of the chilly air as we look at the most powerful radar, maryland is dry, dealing with showers, the further to the north you go. gettysburg, fairfield this is crossing i-85. if your travels are taking you in that direction, be prepared for that. hour by hour forecast, temperature at 55 this morning by lunchtime, 67. this afternoon, 70 degrees,
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that's the high with sun and clouds. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning. we are off to a chilly start. today was the first day i had to turn the heat on. bring a jacket as you head off to work. we have trouble in northeast baltimore, a crash on york at belvedere. if you are using the jfx, no delays from 695, all the way downtown to east fayette. that stretch, normal ride, 11 minutes. a live look at the topside, towson, delaney, nothing to get in you way from bel air up to 83. traffic is starting to pick up on the west side. here is a live picture at wilkins avenue, inner and outer loop picking up from 795, towards 95. that's a look at time saver traffic. maybe fall but the threat of west nile virus is not over.
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linda so is here with the latest. what is happening to protect people, communities affected by this? >> another round of spraying for mosquitos, this time in arundel county. a case of west nile was detected there. the spray willing happen at 7:30, crews will spray october first, the same thing happening in baltimore, spraying for mosquitos in parts of pikesville at 7:30 tonight, again on october 1st. you should stay inside for 30 minutes until after the spraying happens. linda so, abc2 news. parents we have important news for you if you are packing your child's lunch. trader joes is recalling peanut butter linked to salmonella across 18 states. the chain says the salted valencia peanut butter sold nationwide is the likely source. the government hasn't released the states that repotted the illnesses. if you teen is distracted or
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driving dangerouslies it maybe from the habits of you. that's according to the study by the liberty insurance. more than 1700 teens surveyed admitted to making poor decisions while behind the wheel. nine out of ten talk on the cell phone and 94% admit to speeding. the types are mirroring their parents behave. you haven't noticed but gas prices dropped less than a penny over the past two weeks. this ends a 9-week run of gas prices increasing, that began on july 13th, when the average price for a gallon of gas, $3.41, the survey puts the average of regular gas at $3.83, sparked by the fall in crude oil prices. here the average price stands at $3.74 a gallon. dramatic video out of
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seattle, by standsers taking action, a man with a gun ran from a store and fired at a security guard. after shot in the hand, the guard knocked the suspect to the ground, people nearby held the thief down until police finally arrived. chief veterinarian at the zoo trying to figure out what killed a panda cub. findings are expected today. the cub appeared to be in pretty good condition. there were no signs of wounds or trauma to the cub. the cub died sunday morning, it was less than a week old. the birth, getting pregnant for the panda involved artificial insemination. zookeepers are keeping a close eye on the mother. bizarre story out of new york, a man is in critical condition after jumping off of a mono rail 17 feet down in to a tiger enclosure at the bronx
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zoo. the siberian tiger dragged the man around the pen. first responders saved the man by distracting the tiger. >> he has a picture of the tiger on facebook. he has fascination with tigers. >> the 25 year old man sustained the injuries from the fall rather than from the tiger itself he broke his shoulder, pelvis and rib and suffered a collapsed lung. some surprises and things expected, just ahead, what happened. the winners and which shows walked away with hardware. when you first got internet at home
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a lot of surprises at the 64th annual emmy awards. >> baltimore played a role in this. bowen won a trophy for best supporting actress for modern family, the show took home best comedy. jewel julie dreyfuss took home an award. >> home land, danes won best actress for her role. lewis took testimony home an emmy for best actor. a big weekend, three films made strong debuts. the thriller house at the end of street made around $13 million. another new release, trouble with the curb, starring clint eastwood and amy adams came in
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third. had around $12 million. 43 days, that's how much time the candidates have for you to vote for them. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. so i get claritin clear. this is all bayberry. bayberry pollen. very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear.
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i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's kick it off with a check of the folk. >> good morning, everyone, what is going on on the banner, we have clouds out there, also beginning to see sunshine and that will be the name of the game as we head throughout the day. it's going to turn out to be a lovely day on tap. dealing with chilly temperatures this morning. you can only imagine if the
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clouds weren't there this morning, the temperatures would be in the low 40s, to upper 30s. some spots of maryland, western mailed, dealing with that, there was a frost advisory earlier. the temperature in river dale 51 degrees. maryland is dry this morning. in pennsylvania, dealing with spotty shower to the west of carlisle and yorks, pennsylvania. dry conditions will prevail as we go through the the day. 67 degrees, dry by lunchtime and 70 for a high. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. good morning. >> good morning, it's chilly this morning, 70 degrees, not too bad for the orioles double header later today. best of luck to them. we have a disabled car on 895, along the northbound lanes at the harbor tunnel toll plaza. in northeast baltimore we are dealing with an accident on belvedere, at york red. if you are using 95 to get in
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to the city, no delays now from white marsh, down to the fort mc henry, a at 695, parkville. harford road, everything up to speed down towards 95. outer loop slowing down as you make the drive towards cromwell bridge, baltimore national pike, inner loop fine through pikesville, the outer loop will be sluggish, driving from 795 to route 40. ravens had win against the patriots. final score 31-30, by a matter of inches. the game was about more than simply football. he played less than a day after learning about the death of his younger brother and linda so has the latest on the accident that killed the younger brother, the receiver is coping with the loss. >> since back in the game, it's helping him a lot and the support he reed from teammates
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and fans has gone a long way, he played the game for his brother. kevin jones died before midnight sundays when his motorcycle crashed in to a utility pole in virginia. alcohol was not a factor and he was wearing a helmet. he traveled to virginia to be with his family who says he got an hour of sleep before the game and made the decision to play when he got to the stadium. in the second quarter he was emotional after scoring a touchdown after the game he says it was all for his younger brother. >> you got to have your mind clear. you can't have anything weighing on you. it's going to cause you to drop the ball or have mistakes. i didn't want to hurt my team. i came there, the more comfortable i started to feel. i'm glad i came back up here. i think it helped me out a lot.
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>> smith says he first told about his brother's death on twitter sunday morning and since then his account has been flooded with well wishes from fans and posted pictures of himself with his brother, they had a close relationship, i can't believe my little brother is gone. be thankful and tell them you love them. this is the hardest thing f. he looks forward to playing the next game thursday against the cleveland browns. a firefighter has a dangerous situation. the see grams plant caught on fire. fire in 2010 made the building structurally unsound and caused some of the walls and floors to crumble. firefighters had to get out. the fire was put out around 9:30. six people arrested and one person shot and taken to a hospital. after a homecoming party turned violent.
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businesses were put on lockdown, pepper spray was brought in to control the crowds. sherrie johnson is live with the details and we have new video of what was going on as police were called in. >> this took police a while from 11:00 saturday night to 3:30 sunday morning, just to get the crowd under control. it started here at rutger theater on york road in towson, it was about 2000 people at one time running up and down the street in this area. they were all there at a fraternity party at rutger theater. it was too crowded. it took place four hours to break up the crowd. six people were arrested. one person was shot in the hand and rushed to the hospital for surgery. video shot by a witness shows police trying to get control of the suspect on the ground. dogs were brought in and pepper spray was used. businesses were put on
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lockdown, it was towson university homecoming, people from off campus caused the chaos that started at the theater. police responded to the scene that helped baltimore county police. >> there was a fight that broke out in front of the green tutel. it was a bunch of people. somebody fell to the ground. everybody started stomping him. >> six people were arrested and charged with second degree assault, two with disorderly conduct, one with drug possession. the school supersend adapt will take you questions tonight in towson. he will meet with parents as he cups his community meetings. tonight's meeting is at greenwood. televisions ads are hitting the airwaves in key battleground stays. they are attacking mitt romney saying 47% of americans are
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dependant on the government. romney is continuing his battleground state tore. that's helping to bring voters his way. >> it's clear we can't afford four more years. we are going to get change that the people of america deserve. >> i'm hoping after the smoke clears and the election season is over, that spirit of cooperation comes many to the front republican the ads from the campaign attack romney and taxes. romney releaseed two years of tax information. accused sheridan high school shooter, tj lane is expected to be transferred to an adult detention facility. he is charged with killing three students and injuring two others this year. a woman who shot six people in huntsville will be in caught
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today. amy bib shop pled guilty this month. alabama state law requires capital murder pleas to appear before a jury. a news conference held today about motor scooters and mopeds. you will be required to have a moped license and title and register scooters and mopeds. and a hearing apout whether you should be charged for lost energy during a storm. . >> i had a conversation with joey pa tone the other day. there any are -- they are so
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excited and i'm excited to watch them. i'm rooting for melissa and joey. they came in close in they season. excited for the debut tonight. let's talk about what is going on. we have a few clouds now. we are stating to see shall sunshine. let's check out what is going on, towards kept island. look at the beautiful sunrise, a beautiful picture. we will see plenty of sunshine in to the afternoon. will be at the chilly temperatures tomorrow. west minister german town, middletown, 5050 churchville. chesapeake beach, 50. buoy 50 degrees. we are cold, grab the jacket as you head out and about. high pressure, the northwest flow, chilly in to the afternoon. through the double header, 40:50, nice, plenty of sunshine, playing the toronto blue jays and the next one at
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7:35, dropping in to the 60s. we are going to need the coat as we head out and about. 46 tonight. 74 tomorrow. seasonable and the seven-day forecast looks like this, maybe rain in the forecast as we head in to wednesday for the third game with the blue jays. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. best of luck to the orioles as they take on the blue jays in the double header. i think they will win this one. we have a crash to tell you about in northeast baltimore, york road, for those of you using the jfx in to the city, no delays whatsoever, 695 to fayette. a disabled car, northbound lanes at the harbor tunnel. here is a live look at the northwest corner, jammed, here at old court road. particularly the outer loop, towards route 40. here is what it looks like in parkville, outer loop sluggish, all the way up towards
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providence in towson. remember you can check out charlie's gorgeous daughter on his facebook page. my daughter was born september 13th. this you go. 8:07 in the morning. doctor tells me to run a couple of errands, ariana is fine. go home and take the dogs out. 15 minutes later, doc says you may want to come back. listen, check the pictures out on facebook, as we head to good morning america k this is spectacular video. pictures, amazing light show out of tokyo. for my terrible allergy congestion,
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new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.

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